• Heinrich von Hanau, Developer

    Fisher Island Holdings LLC
    Heinrich von Hanau provides overall operational leadership for the development of Palazzo Del Sol, Fisher Island’s newest luxury condominium. He brings to this project a wealth of experience gained in serving as development officer for similar projects including Continuum and Portofino Tower in Miami Beach as well as developments around the world in locations such as Aspen, Las Vegas and Marbella, Spain.

    “We’re creating a new paradigm for waterfront luxury living through the conscious integration of high design, technology, incomparable amenities and white glove services that are expressive of Palazzo Del Sol’s privileged location on Fisher Island.”
  • Cedrik Denain, Principal

    ASR Construction
    As co-lead on all of Fisher Island’s new construction, Cedrik Denain aims to maintain Fisher Island’s stylistic integrity while advancing technology and sustainability. Hailing from a family of developers, the veteran builder has designed and constructed many of South Florida’s most prestigious addresses, with Palazzo Del Sol among the most recent.

    “Like the fourth movement of a symphony or the spectacular grand finale of a fireworks display, we’ve saved the best for last on Fisher Island. With its prize location, contemporary design and unparalleled amenities, Palazzo Del Sol will leave an indelible mark as the most exclusive and luxurious residence ever built on the island enclave.”
  • Joseph R. Dieppa, Principal

    ASR Construction
    Joe Dieppa has built ASR on a foundation of service, expertise and quality since founding the company in 1998. He has since directed construction activities of over $875 million and has played a significant role in the development and evolution of Fisher Island. Previously, he has acted as a construction manager for some of the largest insurance companies in the US, restoring commercial claims from some of the biggest disasters in the country.

    “Nothing on Fisher Island even comes close to the quality of design and construction at Palazzo Del Sol. Quality and logistics are the foundation for building this landmark development from conception to completion.”
  • Dora Puig, Director of Sales

    Luxe Living Realty & Fisher Island Real Estate, LLC
    “Arguably one of the most successful luxury residential sales professionals in the region, with over $1.2billion in sales, Dora Puig is the authority on luxury Miami and Fisher Island real estate. Her intimate knowledge of the area and personalized service has been enough to establish her as the number one selling broker in Miami Beach for consecutive years.”
  • Kobi Karp, President/CEO

    Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design
    "The contemporary elegance and sophisticated Mediterranean charm of Palazzo Del Sol’s architectural design place a unique emphasis on the indoor/outdoor experience of living on a private island. With the goal of fostering human interaction with architecture and nature, we’ve created a series of indoor and outdoor rooms that are luxurious, intimate, and comforting in design and scale. The finest materials and finishes lend to an experience that is both individual and thoughtful of the Fisher Island year round experience.”
  • Enzo Enea, President

    Enea Garden Design
    “The refined elegance of Palazzo Del Sol’s landscape architectural design places an emphasis on the outdoor garden experience and serves to foster meaningful human connection with nature. By curating a series of outdoor rooms that are comfortable, intimate in scale and lush with plant species such as Seagrapes, Gumbo Limbos and Clusias, we’re creating a microclimate and typology that is unique to each garden and enjoyable year-round. The outdoor rooms weave seamlessly together to both physically and symbolically form one of Palazzo Del Sol’s fundamental cornerstones, its lush landscapes, and at the same time synergistically uniting the outdoor spaces shared by the building’s sister project, Palazzo Del Sol. The end result is an authentic and full-sensory experience with nature in what is truly one of the world’s most beautiful places.”

    With a design relationship spanning multiple continents and companies Antrobus + Ramirez have been recognized internationally for projects ranging from real estate to fashion.

    Led by Paulo Bacchi, Artefacto is a leading source for contemporary and enduring classic furnishings. At Palazzo Del Sol, Artefacto designer Christina Hamoui has created a sophisticated and contemporary residence characterized by neutral bases and noble materials such as marble, tapestries and unique finishes.

    The Henge design at Palazzo Del Sol brings together six powerhouse Italian brands under one luxurious roof. Henge, Boffi, Listone Giordano, Roda, DePadova, and nerosicilia unite with an inspiring and creative design vision that is both cultured and modern.